John R Parkin FCA

John R Parkin FCA


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My school history is that I attended Listerdale Primary School passing the 11+ and moving to Maltby Grammar School.  I left Maltby Grammar School in July 1960 taking employment offered by Hart Moss Copley in Rotherham which was a 5 Year Article Clerk Contract with Mr Phillip Lodge ACA (Partner in Hart Moss Copley).  I passed the final examination of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales at the exams taken in May 1965.  As there were no Partnership opportunities for me at Hart Moss Copley I left in 1966 moving to a local firm, Hammerton and Criddle, at Old Bank Buildings, High Street, Rotherham.  The firm started, I believe, in the Second World War when Mr Hammerton (who was employed by Hart Moss Copley at that time), throwing a cup of tea over Charlie Copley and walking out.  I became a Partner in Hammerton and Criddle on 1st April 1967 with the Partnership name moving to Hammerton, Criddle, Parkin & Co.  This Partnership dissolved in 1975 when the Partnership “Parkin & Co” came into existence.  My initial Partners in Parkin & Co being Dennis Drury and John Cartlidge. Since the initial Partnership there have been various changes in the Partnership / Offices over the years culminating into the present Partnership of “Parkins” which is a Partnership with my son, Robert David Parkin ACA commencing on 10th February 2012.  Recently joining the firm is my daughter, Katie Anne Parkin who has been working in general Accountancy Public Practice since leaving school.  Also, my son, Tony James Parkin, runs the Payroll Department of the Parkins Partnership.

I have been in Public Practice since 1st April 1967 and have experienced many changes in Public Practice as in my personal life.  There is one thing for sure and that is “the basics never change”.  I thoroughly enjoy the business environment I work in being in Partnership with my son Robert and working closely with other members of my family and the team we have here.
John specialises in all aspects of public practice with a wealth of experience in many industries as he has been trading since 1967.

Below is summary but please get in touch with any queries no matter how big or small your business is:
  • Licensed trade
  • Small business
  • Tax investigations
  • Vat investigations
  • Working mens clubs
  • Solicitors
  • Scrap / Metal recycling
  • Trusts
  • Many, many more
I joined the Brecks Youth Club at the age of 15 playing football, cricket and table tennis for the Youth Club.  Also being picked for the cricket teams at Maltby Grammar School before I left in July 1960.
Playing cricket for the Brecks Youth Club we won the Rotherham Town Junior Knockout and I started playing cricket for the Brecks Cricket Club in the first team around 1958 to the year the Club folded in 1997.  I was Captain of the first team for the consecutive years 1961 / 1962 to 1997.  When I joined Hart Moss Copley they had a firms cricket team named “Rotherham Checkers” which I played for.  Eventually when leaving my employment with Hart Moss Copley the team followed me.  Rotherham Checkers playing in the Rotherham & District Mid Week Cricket League eventually merging with the Brecks Cricket Club.
When fighting the cause for the Brecks Cricket Club First Team to be part of a newly formed Doncaster & District League Premier Division at the League Annual General Meeting in 1984 I was asked to join the Management Committee of the Doncaster & District League.  Outside the Committee I was appointed to hold the following official positions by Doncaster & District Cricket League.
·         Presentation Evening Chairman 1985to 1997
·         Six A Side Competition Responsibility 1985 to 1994
·         Treasurer 1988 to 1993
·         Grounds Committee Chairman 1986 / 1987
·         Advertising and Sponsorship (Sub Committee Chairman) 1991 to 1994
·         League Chairman 1992 to 1996
Parkin & Co sponsored the League for the years 1987 to 1993. 
Parkin & Co entered and won the Sheffield & District Chartered Accountants Cricket Knockout in the 1980’s and to be more than honest genuinely never played a “ringer”, which is more than I can say about the other teams.

My current involvement in sport is more of a “watching” capacity.  I am Committee Chairman of Rotherham Town Cricket Club (the oldest member Club of the Yorkshire League) plus a member and supporter of both Yorkshire County Cricket Club and Rotherham United (Reds).  Also I have been a full playing member a Sitwell Park Golf Club in Rotherham since 1st January 1957 when I was just a Junior.
I believe that success in life and business involves around the team “ethic”.  Relating back to cricket it is important for the whole team that the last man in batting is equally important to the team as the opening bat.  I firmly believe that the Captain and in the case of “Parkins” the Captains are the key to the present and future success of our Accountancy Practice.