HMRC to block SEISS grants where no reply

Posted 20/11/2020
Written by Robert Parkin
Category COVID-19 HELP

Self-employed traders must respond to HMRC’s email about their business by 20 November 2020 or they won’t be able to make a further claim for another SEISS grant.  

19th Nov 2020
24,000 self employed traders who received HMRC emails risk losing SEISS grants if they don't reply
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Approximately 24,000 self-employed traders who have claimed a self-employed income support (SEISS) grant recevied emails from HMRC in October asking whether they were still trading.

How to reply

The taxpayer is asked to respond to HMRC by completing an online form to confirm they have stopped trading and permanently closed the business. If the business ceased on or before the day they applied for the SEISS grant they will have to reply that funding.

Accountants not able to apply for SEISS grants on behalf of their clients.  HMRC have sent teh emails directly to the taxpayer. Please check junk and spam boxes for emails from HMRC as soon as possible.  

If the trader does not respond to HMRC’s email by close of business on Friday 20 November they will be prevented from applying for further SEISS grants.


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