November 2012

Machine games duty

Machine games duty begins on 1st February 2013.  This is a new duty for machines where a cash prize bigger than the stake that can be won.  20% of your net takings on the machines will be payable quarterly but no VAT will be due on your amusement machine profits.  A separate return for this will need to be completed online, quarterly.  Please contact us on 01709 701116 to make sure you are registered and ready for the change.

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Real Time Information Reporting

PAYE real time information reporting is applicable for most employers starting April 2013.  Under this scheme, employers will have to submit an RTI return everytime employees are paid.  We can help make sure you are compliant with this and advise you on the changes.  We also offer a payroll preparation service which is very competitive.  Please contact Rob for more information on 01709 701116.

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