March 2020

Self- Employed Income Support Scheme

Self-Employed Income Support Scheme Announced

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Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme Detailed Guidance

Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme Further Guidance Now Available

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CIS CLAIM 05/04/2020

Quick turnaround of 05/04/2020 CIS Refund

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Office Temporary Closure

Office Temporary Closure - But we are still working from home

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COVID-19 Summary Of Help Available

COVID-19: Summary Of Help Available 

  1. Business Rates
  2. Statutory Sick Pay
  3. Time to pay helpline for HMRC liabilities (PAYE, corporation tax, personal tax due etc)
  4. VAT and Income Tax Deferral
  5. Job Retention Scheme (Covers 80% of eligible wages) - Includes people trading as limited companies and who are on the payroll
  6. Government backed loans – To keep cash flow moving until the grants, job retention scheme is up and running
  7. Self employed Universal Credit Claim
  8. Self employed support scheme - Sole traders and partnerships
  9. Mortgage and Rent holidays

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COVID 19 - Business Rates Help

BUSINESS RATES HELP: Details of reduced business rates and cash grants

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Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) Covid-19 Refund

COVID-19: STATUTORY SICK PAY REFUNDS (SSP) - The employee needs to gain an issoltaion note fron so the employer can claim the refund of costs.

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IR 35 for Large business postponed until 06/04/2021 for contractors - Get in touch if this effects you as will mean more money in yoru pocket.

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RMBC Business Support Grant Link (Coronavirus)



At present RMBC trying to collate information in order to allow us to process grant payments as quickly as possible, once governments guidance is made available. Therefore, all questions included within the form are there to make the process as smooth as possible and to cover off anything that the guidance may require. Please therefore, complete the form fully.

RMBC Website Link:

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