One of the burdens placed upon medium and large businesses is the need to have a statutory audit and we provide a quality, professional and efficient audit service. We aim to provide our clients with more than just an audit report by providing you with concise and professional advice on your controls and accounting systems all year round.

Through our normal client relationship, preparing accounts and Tax Returns etc, we build a comprehensive knowledge of our clients and having an audit improves this even further. The audit should be embraced as this provides you with the assurance and confidence that your business is being reviewed by a party with extensive knowledge and experience of multiple businesses.

Registered with the Istitute of Chartered Accountants in Enlgand and Wales

Details about our audit registration can be viewed at under reference number C003125622 and under reference number EWC003125622

The main reason you will need a statutory audit is when:

  • Your turnover is more than £6.5m
  • Your balance sheet total is more than £3.26m
  • Your business type is required to have one. e.g insurance or finance company, workings mens clubs.

Please contact Robert or John for advice on if you require an audit or not on 01709 701116