Business start ups 

We know that most people start in business with an idea and are not tax or legal expects and that is where Parkins Chartered Accountants come in to help.  We offer a free no obligation to all perspective clients so please call us on 01709 701116 to arrange this.

We have helped thousands of businesses during our 45 years in business and we are confident that our business and tax advice will help your business succeed.

Making your business a success

We spend the time to get to know your new business and personal circumstances and from this we can reccommend the best way to set up your business.  We always plan for your business being a success, setting up your business to minimise future tax bills but always factor in the possibility of it not being.  We will always reccomend a business structure that will protect personal assets and so if it not a success, it does not effect assets you have built up prior to your new business.

We can help with all aspects of setting up your business:

  • Decide on the structure of the business:

    • Limited company

    • Sole trader

    • Partnership

    • Limited liabilty partnership

  • Give advice on finance options and put you in touch with the right finance people

  • Help you develop a relationship with your bank.  

  • Prepare a business plan, cashflows and budgets which are key when planning for the future

  • Register you with HMRC and companies house.

  • Work with you to set up a bookkeeping system

  • Help you keep on top of all business compliance.

Please contact Rob or John on 01709 701116 to arrange your free no obligation initial meeting