Specialist CIS Contractor Accountants - Quick turnaround of 05/04/2020 CIS Refund

Current Clients

Please email the person who you currently deal with (Email list below).  We will then reply with what we need for 05/04/2020 to get your CIS back as quickly as possible.

We have everything in place to process your return as quickly as possible:

 8 Staff will be working to process these from 06/04/2020 to complete as soon as possible
 We will ensure you will get the highest legitimate reclaim possible
 Our secure portal speeds up the tax return authorisation process and enables us to securely correspond - Protecting your data.
 We are Chartered Accountants.  Everything we do is accountable unlike 'the bedroom and unqualified accountants' who get the benefit while leaving you vulnerable to investigations.
 Fees kept very low and competitve 
 We will help to apply for any government support that will be available to get you through the Covid-19 outbreak.

Potential Clients

Please email info@parkinsaccountants.co.uk with your name and number and we will get back to you asap.

We specialise in accounting for all types of contractors but especially CIS Contractors.  We act for contractors accross the UK and we are confident that our specialist knowledge, specialist tax saving advise and specialist service, we are the best accountants for you and your business.

Any queries please email info@parkinsaccountants.co.uk

Email List:

General Email: info@parkinsaccountants.co.uk        
Robert Parkin: robert@parkinsaccountants.co.uk
John R Parkin: jrp@parkinsaccountants.co.uk
Luke Aspey: luke@parkinsaccountants.co.uk
Kate Parkin: kate@parkinsaccountants.co.uk
Tony Parkin (Payroll): tony@parkinsaccountants.co.uk
Helen Marson (Payroll): helen@parkinsaccountants.co.uk
Angela Parr: angela@parkinsaccountants.co.uk
Sam Steel: sam@parkinsaccountants.co.uk
Lizzie Trask: lizzie@parkinsaccountants.co.uk
Charlenne Cobb: charlenne@parkinsaccountants.co.uk