Corporation tax and corporation tax planning

Robert and John deal with all aspects of corporation tax compliance and planning to make sure our clients are structured in the most tax efficient way and also compliant with the ever changing corporation rates and reliefs. 

With our regular face to face meetings and regular partner contact, we ensure that we identify any tax planning opportunities and pro actively advise our clients.


Ex HMRC Specialists

Also, backing us up on the most complex cases and investigations, we have several specialists (ex HMRC) which means we have the experience and knowledge which enables us to provide a service which is hard to match.


Corporation tax compliance

We are able to deal with the most complex of tax cases and we ensure that we complete the appropriate returns on a timely basis and make sure HMRC receives this before any deadlines expire.

The main items of corporation tax is the tax computation and CT600; company tax return.  We aim to get accounts prepared within 3-4 months of the year end and with this comes the tax computaion.  Having timely financial information leaves you time to save for the tax bill and also helps us identify any tax planning opportunites.