Real time information reporting (RTI)

Most businesses will have to implement real time information reporting (RTI) from April 2013.  This is the biggest change since 1944 and requires all employers to submit details of payments made to employees everytime they are paid.

This will show the amount paid, deductions made when the employees are paid instead of once a year on the P35.

This is a major change to the current practice and we can help you make sure your business is ready.

RTI Compliant payroll prepration from just £1.50

We can prepare your payroll from just £1.50 per payslip*.   All we need is your employee details, their pay details and we will calcualte the tax deductions etc, forward to you your payslips and summaries while submitting the payment details to HMRC on your behalf.

Please contact Robert on 01709 701116 for more information.

*Minimum charges apply